Saturday, February 4, 2017

Embossed Bible Covers


Embossing (also known as repousse) is a technique in which malliable metal is shaped so that parts of it "pop out" to make a design.


Introductory Slideshow Presentation 


-grid paper
-tracing paper
-paper for sketching
-pencil/ erasor
-fine marker/ art pen
-carboard (regular thickness)
-wood skewers
-masking tape
-thick foil to emboss (I bought Tooling Aluminum 36 Gauge Sheet 12 inch wide by 1 yard roll  Item n. AF-1YFC from
-embossing tools (I used the ends of paintbrushes to indent the foil) 


To guide students through initial design process, refer to this document:

Student Handout-- References

For expanded version showing the process in detail open this slideshow.

Slideshow-- Embossed Bible Covers

For abbreviated version, keep reading.

Phase I: Research/ Design 

First conduct some research and plan out your design incorporating an animal with Christian symbolic value, another more abstract Christian symbol (such as a cross, Celtic trinity knot or letters) and a border.

Work out the final version of your design on grid paper.

Cut your foil a little bit bigger than your cardboard rectangle so that you'll be able to wrap it around the edges. Outline your cardboard onto your foil using a skewer.

With tracing paper trace over your design.

Position your traced design so that it's positioned over the cardboard how you want it, then trace the edges of the cardboard onto your tracing paper.

In a similar way, line up your traced design onto your foil, positioning it so that the lines you traced onto the tracing paper and the lines you previously traced onto the foil line up.  Tape down your traced design. With your skewer trace over all your lines.

From the back, your foil should look like this:

With the end of a paintbrush or another rounded tool, from behind push out the areas you'd like to protrude by rubbing.

Wrap your foil around the edges of the cardboard to attach it.

From the front, if there are any areas you'd like to go in you can rub them with the end of your paintbrush as well.

If you'd like, you may color in your embossed bible cover with markers.

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